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Oasis Health has been created by Ivy League-trained psychiatrist, Dr. Vikrant Mittal and his team with over 30+ years of combined healthcare experience. Our goal is to provide world class mental health care and to bring evidence-based care and latest technologies in the field of psychiatry to India.

Dr. Mittal has served in various leadership roles as Medical Director, 7 hospital system Chairman of Psychiatry and Chief Medical Officer of a 178 bed Pennsylvania department of health & human services hospital. Along with other teaching positions, he was Assistant professor and psychiatry rotation director at Temple School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA.

He has numerous publications in U.S journals and chapters in psychiatry books highlighting his exemplary work experience. This clearly reflects his dedication and makes him a renowned name and one of the best psychiatrists not only in Delhi/NCR but also in India.


To bring together latest clinical methods and technologies in the field of psychiatry for the betterment of the general population.


To facilitate accessible and affordable mental health care for all. One being at a time.

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